Michela G. Maccabruni

Executive Director

  • Coordination
  • Strategies
  • Partnership

Léona Mancini

Programme Officer 

  • Fundraising and Project Development & Management
  • Grant manager
  • Project writer

    Aya Mohammed

    Project Coordinator – Iraq

    • Field coordinator
    • ISS focal point
    • Social cases manager

    Amani Mohamad

    Lawyer — Iraq

    • Manager of Lawyers for Women Center
    • Legal Advisor
    • Capacity Building Trainer

    Diyala Hussein

    Project Coordinator – North-East Syria

    • NES coordinator
    • Lawyer
    • Case manager

    Ayse Alici

    Volunteer Agriculture Programme Manager

    • Drafting Projects
    • Call for Proposals
    • Fundraising

    Krista Tingbrand

    Programme Officer 

    • Project writer
    • Quality insurance
    • Social media manager

    Our Board of Directors

    Khaldoon Al Moosawi


    • Executive Director, Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid


    Zina Attar


    • General Administrator, Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid

    Michael Hyden


    • Former Director of Programmes at the International Council of Voluntary Agencies



    Francesca Grandi


    • Research and Methodology Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross

    Ahmed Sameer


    • Director of Protection, Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid