Our projects

Education is at the base of any kind of development. Considering that in 2021, over 50 % of 10-year-olds in low/middle income countries could not read by the end of primary school, there is still much work to be done on a global level. Mercy Hands Europe tries to have a positive impact by developing digital education projects and targeting more vulnerable groups, such as girls or special needs children.

IT and coding classes

In the district of Shatt Al-Arab, Iraq, women have fewer social, economic, and educational opportunities than men. Early marriage, household responsibilities, a perceived lack of job opportunities and conservative gender norms limit girls’ access to secondary school and eventual employment. However, the presence of oil companies in Basra creates a demand for skilled IT-workers and many residents lack these skills. The goal of this project, supported by CFLI, is to empower Iraqi girls by improving their creative computer and coding skills. Trainers provide training to female teachers in computer science and coding — following a tailored curriculum developed by an expert — so that they can in turn provide IT and coding classes in Basra schools to more students.

School Rehabilitation

The objective of this project in Iraq is to increase the availability of structurally safer and more accessible school buildings to expand equitable access to formal and non-formal education for crisis-affected children and youth (ages 5-17), including those with disabilities. This also includes improving the quality of education by providing appropriate school supplies (school equipment, necessary furniture and tools to operate schools) for both formal and non-formal education.

Supporting Blind children with IT and Coding Classes

As a scale-up of our first “empowerment of women and girls through IT and Coding Education” project in Iraq, we are now targeting an institute for blind children: Al Noor Institute, Basra, Iraq. The teachers are trained to transmit the basics of computer science to the blind girls, ensuring that they are not left behind. IT and coding will give the children with disabilities in Basra more access to job opportunities and personal development.