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Our mission

Mercy Hands Europe is a youth and women-led, non-profit Swiss organisation that works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable.

We implement humanitarian and development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities, either directly through field missions, our sister organization, or other local partners.

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News and stories

Today, is the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

Mercy Hands Europe would like to honour this day with the speech of Liliana Segre, the 89-year-old Italian senator-for-life and Auschwitz survivor: .

Liliana recalled the absolute inhumanity of the camps and “death marches” organised by the Nazis in 1945, which she survived as a young girl, unlike many others: “They were merely guilty of being born”. She stated that she has a duty to bear witness, as long as she lives.

Why recalling is so important?

The recognition of memory and the condemnation support the subtle evil of indifference and the resurgence of new winds, unaware of the past, intolerance, hatred and discrimination. Hostility towards those the difference that characterised people, which often overflows into hatred if not into violence, is extremely widespread.

Remembering the past teaches us not to repeat the same mistakes in the present as well as in the future.

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Happy International Day of Education to all of our followers! On this occasion, we would like to highlight that, as Desmond Tutu put it, “Inclusive, good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies”.
It is for this reason that our NGO is working towards a fair access to schooling for the most vulnerable children in Iraq. This includes girls with a high percentage of school dropout, as well as children with disabilities.
@mercyhandseurope, along with our sister organization @mercy_hands, have implemented two IT and coding education projects in the Shatt al Arab region, over 2021-2022. The last one was recently concluded with success.

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Since November 2022 Mercy Hands Europe is implementing the project:
Strengthening civil societies and the rule of law in Iraq as a peacebuilding tool II: CSOs capacity building for the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances.

Do you know what "Enforced Disappereances" means?

Read the article to know more:

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We thank Fondation Aletheia for their investment in sustainable livelihood and green affordable healthcare. We look forward to scaling our innovative multisectoral project of "Cultivation of Hibiscus sabdariffa Tea Flowers to 🌺Treat Hypertension".
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MHEurope is excited to receive the results of our beekeeping project ! 🍯🍯Honey has been sent to our office in Geneva. Our partner @iaco_sy decided to deliver all the different types of honey we are producing, which we will exhibit to our donors, partners and all the individuals interested in the project during an event we are planning to hold in February. 📅
We will soon launch the promotion of the event ! in the meantime, if you want to take part, feel free to register yourself by sending an email to .

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Merci à @etatdegeneve @villedemeyrin @villedelancy_officiel @villeonex @commune_de_bernex @plan_les_ouates Vandoeuvres et Jussy.
Danke an @kantonbaselstadt.
Thanks to EA Foundation.

We are hiring!!

We have already started to receive your application, this week we will start our selection. If you haven't apply yet, go ahead!

We are looking for students already based in Geneva or close-by.

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