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Mercy Hands Europe is a youth and women-led, non-profit Swiss organisation that works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable.

We implement humanitarian and development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities, either directly through field missions, our sister organization, or other local partners.

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News and stories

Today, is the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.

As a joint mission of Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) @Auswärtiges Amt Geneva International Centre for Justice Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid and Mercy Hands Europe for we would like to share with you the final report from our latest human rights project, "Strengthening Civil Societies and the Rule of Law in Iraq as a Peacebuilding Tool".

Available here:

In this report we uncover some hard truths concerning human rights violations in Iraq that need to be heard, seen and understood in order to stop them.

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☀️Today is the International Happiness Day.

This video, showing children playing in the rubble in the aftermath of the earthquake in Suran, Northwestern Syria was taken by one of our field staff. It made us reflect on the capacity of people affected by natural or human-made disasters to find happy moments even in the hardest time.

In this video, the children's resilience and capacity to seek happy moments in the aftermath of the earthquake is of great inspiration for us, as we work towards building back the conditions of a safe, stable, and happy life in Suran.

The International Happiness Day is the occasion to underline the importance of solidarity and cooperation. Let's work together to create the right conditions for people to find their way to happiness!

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Civil War in Syria: Who is fighting and why?

Mercy Hands Europe is active in Syria with different projects and through different actors.

All the current projects are being conducted in a safe but challenging environment.

🔴 Earthquake intervention
🔵 Legal, Social and Health Assistance
🟡 Beekeeping project

When we discuss our projects, the most popular question is: What is happening in Syria?

Our team found a video that explains in an easier way the Syrian dynamics.
Video credit: @illustrate_to_educate

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