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Mercy Hands Europe is a non-profit organisation that works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable.

We implement development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities.

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Clean up is underway at the @mercy_hands community garden for the start of our Bissap Tea Cultivation project! We have partnered with Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid and @antennafoundation for a project training internally displaced people in Iraq on how to grow Bissap Tea.

Want to learn more about Bissap Tea and how it can be used to treat hypertension? Visit the link in our bio 🌺🫖☕️

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We are excited to announce that after our activities for IDPs in the West of Ukraine, we started to cooperate with two Ukrainian organizations to start planning projects to help people who have been internally displaced due to the war in Ukraine. Keeplife has been working in Ukraine since 2010 and Making Miracles Together emerged at the start of the crisis. We are excited to partner with both of them to help further their work during this vital time. You can follow our updates on our social media or by going to our website at the link in our bio!
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At the beginning of June, Michela, our executive director, and Léona, our programme officer, had the chance to present our project "For #sustainable #beekeeping and the #empowerment of Syrian beekeepers" to the commission of the city of Meyrin, Switzerland.

We are #proud to announce that the municipality of @villedemeyrin has chosen to #support our #project and to join us in this #beautiful #adventure which started in April this year with our partner @iaco_sy.

We would like to thank the members of the commission for their #trust and support and for allowing us to defend this project in which we believe and which is close to our hearts 🐝

For this month dedicated to #mental #health and its crucial importance for #social #cohesion, today we wanted to share a success story, as part of our MHPSS #project in #Iraq, in partnership with @mercy_hands and @undpiraq, and funded by the Embassy of Japan 🇯🇵 in Iraq.

Today's story is about a 48 year old widow, with her children who are suffering from the after-effects of the difficult experiences they have had to face and psychological disorders due to the lack of a provider for them in these difficult circumstances due to displacement. The latter has been coming to the centre since 1 January and although she tries not to show her pain and move on, after a few sessions she was able to put her emotions into words. She opened up to our doctor and told him about her history and her late husband and how after his death she went into a shock from which she suffered a lot. However, she still does not show these emotions in front of her children to protect them and as anyone who has experienced all these details, sometimes she needs to let her emotions out by crying without her children knowing so as not to impact them.

Over the course of the sessions, this woman's psychological state improved greatly and her greatest dream was to be able to be strong for her children. She was in a better state and more optimistic, and this energy contaminated the women who came with her to the group sessions. Today, she speaks passionately about the good that her sessions with a specialist do for her. In addition, she was given the opportunity to see a gynecologist at no cost to her to meet her needs through an agreement with the practitioner.

Gender identity and sexual orientation are vital parts of ourselves, our identity and our mental health which should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Yet, people all over the world are victims of violence and inequality because of who they love and who they are. MHEurope is strongly sustaining the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ rights are HUMAN RIGHTS. (Find out more at and

MHEurope is a women-led international organisation with a specific emphasis to sustain human rights for a better tomorrow. with our projects we are starting to encourage gender equality, minimising gender-based violence and focusing on empowerment in our current society, where societal, cultural, and political restrictions on LGBTQ+ #participation and #empowerment are still prevalent. We hope to do always more for human rights.

#pridemonth #LGBTQ+ #empowerment #humanrights