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Mercy Hands Europe is a youth and women-led, non-profit Swiss organisation that works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable.

We implement development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities, either directly through field missions, our sister organization, or other local partners.

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News and stories

To ensure the proper functioning of the Beekeeping project in Al-Bab, Syria, the 40 trained beekeepers got together to found a Beekeeper’s cooperative.
This will improve the organization and coordination of the beekeeping sector in Al-Bab.
A few days ago, the new furniture and stationery for the office arrived. Among others, there are banners with the logo of the cooperation and its partners, some stamps for the paperwork of the cooperative, as well as account books to keep track of the different activities and incomes generated by the sale of the beekeeping products. 🍯
In the near future, 2 of the beekeepers will be trained to become the representatives of this cooperative and take over its leadership.
The cooperative will become a place where all the beekeepers can meet up, discuss about their work, the sale of the honey products and organize additional beekeepers’ trainings.

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We thank the canton de Genève, the @kantonbaselstadt, the @villedemeyrin, the EA Foundation, the communes of @plan_les_ouates, @villedelancy_officiel and Vandoeuvres.

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In Al-Bab, Syria, the jointly led beekeeping project by @iaco_sy and @mercyhandseurope is constantly growing !
These are the three electric honey extractors that will be distributed to the beekeeping cooperatives, as part of the needed equipment and tools. They are currently still being finalized in the factory. These machines enable the extraction of honey without destroying the honeycombs, so that they can be reused by the bees for further honey production.
The extractor works by spinning the honeycomb until the honey is centrifugated out. Today, the honey extractor is an important device used in honey production.
We will keep you posted about the delivery and use of these machines !

We thank the Cantons of Genève and @kantonbaselstadt, the @villedemeyrin, the EA foundation, the communes of @plan_les_ouates @villedelancy_officiel and Vandoeuvres.

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In the occasion of the  International Peace Day, @mercyhandseurope would like to highlight how Iraq's terrorist attack are unfortunately still a common news, and MHEurope has been part of the fight to protect people against its consequences.
Our “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support” program in partnership with @undpiraq, have helped many IDPs to combat stigma, overcome an overwhelming need for mental support and reintegration difficulties.
We are looking forward to new and rewarding partnerships in the future directed towards constructive programs for victims of conflict. Join our family, here


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Many decades ago , the 21st of September was declared as the International day of peace by the United Nations General Assembly. On this specific date, Mercy Hands Europe would like to light a candle for the Ukrainian people in their plight against the Russian Federation. A war that was ignited , and resulted in nothing but destruction and a serious neglect of thousands of peoples human rights. It is indeed always important to remind ourselves and eachothers that peacekeeping has no alternative other than peace.

MHEurope and its partners in Ukraine are always on the call to helping people affected by war. You can always support us in this endeavor to continue our mission of supporting victims by donating at:


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Mercy Hands Europe is proud to announce its collaboration with the @commune_de_bernex in our Beekeeping Programme !

The 10 years of conflict in Syria have had dire consequences on the local economy. This programme aims at empowering the local communities in the Al-Bab district in Syria by creating new opportunities of poverty alleviation.

Working alongside our local partner, @iaco_sy , the beekeeping programme has been running since April 2022.

Mercy Hands Europe is constantly working to strengthen this project in Syria, and to achieve our goals of a viable future for
Syrian Beekeepers, as well as strengthening biodiversity.

Our donors’ support is essential for our work, and @commune_de_bernex ‘s contribution is greatly appreciated !

We will keep you up to date with the latest developments of the Beekeeping project. Stay tuned !

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Cooperation and joint work with local authorities is at the heart of Mercy Hands' education work, for leaving no child behind. MH's team in Basra has successfully coordinated with the Education Director Assistant, Faris Hadi Mohammed, for launching the "Expanding the empowerment of girls and women through IT and Coding education in Shatt Al-Arab" new project in Basra. MH will deliver innovative IT and Coding classes for girls of ten secondary schools in Basra, as well as for classes of the Al-Noor Institute for blind girls, empowering a new generation of girls' leaders in the south of Iraq! The project is implemented in partnership with the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.


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Mercy Hands Europe in collaboration with @mercy_hands would like to present its trainers for the program "Expanding the empowerment of girls and women through IT and Coding education in Shatt Al-Arab" project in Basra, in partnership with the Canada Fund for Local initiatives.

MH trainers, Hiba and Jasmine are now coordinating with schools and authorities for organizing the teachers' IT and Coding advanced training. Moreover, they will also train two volunteers from the Al-Noor Institute for blind girls.

Hiba and Jasmine are experienced trainers with great knowledge of girls' challenges in Basra, and they contributed to the successful implementation of the last year's IT and Coding education project for girls in ten schools in Shatt Al-Arab!

Stay tuned to learn more about this project!
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September 15, marks the International Day of Democracy.

Mercy Hands Europe intends to draw the world's attention to the importance of joint action against undemocratic structures and disregard for human rights. This seems more necessary today than ever before because democracy is in deep crisis.

We are actively working towards strengthening local Iraqi CSOs enhancing their civil participation in efforts to foster the democratization process and ensure civil control of state power and policy implementation, thereby promoting democracy.

These projects are being conducted in partnership with @geneva4justice, @mercy_hands and thanks to the support of

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