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Mercy Hands Europe is a youth and women-led, non-profit Swiss organisation that works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable.

We implement humanitarian and development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities, either directly through field missions, our sister organization, or other local partners.

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Another week of the "Water, Plants and Animals for a Sustainable Ethiopia" project comes successfully to an end! Our local partner Agri Service Ethiopia has hired a Community Development Facilitator and introduced him to the local community alongside with the project activities. He has a very important role, he will act as the link between the beneficiaries and Agri Service Ethiopia.

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Many thanks to our donors EA Foundation, @ville_de_geneve and Chêne Bourg!

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Today we are happy to announce that a new donor has put their trust in us, welcome Chêne Bourg! We are very grateful for their participation are looking forward to our cooperation in the "Water, Plants and Animals for a Sustainable Ethiopia" project.

A big እንሂድ from us all here at MHEurope!

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Today is World Environment Day! As the theme this year is "Ecosystem Restoration", we would like to highlight how our projects are not only supporting the people in communities, but also restoring the local ecosystems.

🐝 Our beekeeping project in Syria is in its second phase which focuses on biodiversity. Thanks to the planting of flowering plants the bees not only can have nutrients and thrive, but they also pollinate the whole region increasing biodiversity further and restoring a war-stricken ecosystem.

🌺 Our hibiscus, saffron and ginger project in Iraq uses sustainable agriculture throughout, thus restoring some biodiversity in the region.

🐑 🌳 Our project in Ethiopia has also a beekeeping component as well as the teaching of agroecology and eco-forestry. We are also rehabilitating degraded land to be used for sustainable agriculture practices.

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👨‍🌾 Did you know that hibiscus, saffron and ginger can be grown together? It is possible, and yields a lot of incredible health and livelihood benefits, but there are a lot of details to carefully consider...

🌺 In order to bring beautiful hibiscus plants out of the tough seedlings, you need to put them in cycles of warm and cold water to break the dormancy of the seed ➡️ rest them in a mix of berry light, seaweed and auxin to activate the seed embryo ➡️ plant in specially prepared soil to retain moisture and treat with natural amino acids to help the seedlings withstand the climatic conditions ➡️ finally plant in the greenhouse in early spring time.

🙌 Ginger is a tropical plant that loves moisture and moderate heat. So before planting, you must ➡️ place the korma in an acid-neutral culture to protect them ➡️ allow them to have the first stages of growth in an temperature-controlled incubator ➡️ plant them in the greenhouse late spring/early summer time.

🌿 The saffron plant is incredibly powerful and considered to be one of the most valuable, especially in the Middle East. But this comes at a cost as it is also incredibly sensitive to climatic conditions. In order to safeguard the bulbs from damage, you first have to cultivate them in a temperature-controlled incubator within industrial betmos ➡️ treat them with GA3 amino acids to break their dormancy and activate the root system ➡️ take care to monitor the crucial early stages of grown in a controlled environment ➡️ plant them in mid-summer.

🙌 This is just a small slice of what the refugees at Domiz 2 Camp are learning during their agricultural training led by @mercy_hands.

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Thank you to the Commune of Jussy and another generous foundation for their support to this project 💚

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