A world where all people, particularly the poorest and the most vulnerable, are empowered to lead safe, healthy and fulfilled lives

About MHEurope

Mercy Hands Europe (MHEurope) is a women-led international non-profit organization registered in Geneva, Switzerland, since 2019. It is the sister organization of Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid, the biggest local NGO in Iraq founded in 2004.

MH’s deep national presence, field experience, and knowledge of local contexts, and MHEurope’s subject-matter expertise, programme managers’ experience, and contacts with Swiss, European and international institutions, creates a strategic and unique alliance to promote strong, sustainable, and context-related projects.

Our Mission

Mercy Hands Europe works to safeguard dignity, sustain human rights and build sustainable futures for people, particularly those who are the most vulnerable. We implement development projects in disaster affected areas and impoverished communities in Syria and Iraq, either directly through field missions, our sister organization, or other local partners.

Our vision

We aspire to live in a society where justice prevails, law rules, individual and group rights are preserved, differences are acknowledged and welcomed, people work together to develop and sustain resources for future generations, and man-made disasters are virtually non-existent.

Our values


We value justice and integrity; all people should be treated fairly and free from violence or coercion in their private, social and public lives.

Equality and respect

We believe all people should have full autonomy to enjoy the realisation of their human rights without prejudice to their personal characteristics which may include age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or statelessness, religion, social class among others.


We believe that all people should be free to exercise freedom of thought, religion and conscience in civil, political and social life without harming others. Freedom is an inherit condition to our humanity and any attempts to curtail it should be abolished.


We believe that development work should meets the needs of the present, and improve the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe that the maximum goal of any projects is to empower people to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives in dignity.

Cooperation and solidarity

We respect and value each other and rely on cross cultural collaborations and team efforts to build sustainable change.
We thrive and welcome a diversity of voices in our spheres of work.

Policies, Reports, Audits

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