Our projects


Lawyers for women

Offering free legal assistance to 300 vulnerable women (IDPs, refugees etc) in cases of domestic violence, divorces, etc.

Providing help for children and their families

In Partnership with the International Social Service, Mercy Hands will provide various type of help to children and families. Among the services provided, we can find:

• Provide psychosocial and legal assistance as well as counselling and support to families who are in distress.

• Offer relevant training to all stakeholders (e.g. government officers, judiciary, lawyers and social workers) involved in the protection of children deprived of families, alternative care and inter country adoption.


Mercy Hands community based centres run in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), provide legal assistance on house, land and property (HLP) rights disputes. Working with the United Nations Development Programme, our legal team provide further legal representation in court to unresolved HLP cases.