Our projects


Baghdad Institute for School Support

Offering to 560 low income children specific support for school: The possibility to come back to school for out-of-school children the possibility of improving the quality of education for in-school children.

Construction of a School

The war has dramatically affected Syrian families. The schools currently in place “cannot take all this number of children” because there is no schools enough for them. It is for this reason that MHEurope decide to build a school for Syrian refugees in Gaziantep, Turkey.

AMAR Active Community Engagement (ACE) Centre, Basra

Six AMAR Centres have been established to directly empower 750 children, 30,000 family members, 69 staff members, and 6,000 vulnerable youth aged 18-30 to become active and engaged members of society through the cultivation of economic activity (i.e.electricity training, English classes, IT classes, sewing, hairdressing, midwifery, and culinary classes), the protection against Gender-based violence (GBV) and trauma, and the promotion of positive cultural discourse (travel and tourism).