Provision of General Food Assistance to IDPs: people affected by the crisis in Iraq, including IDPs, are able to meet their basic food and nutritional needs during and after the crisis throughout the year. We are distributing 70.3 kg food rations for each family. The items are: wheat flour, rice, lentils, veg oil, salt, sugar and bulgur.

EMPACT: Mercy Hands is implementing the EMPACT (EMPOWERMENT IN ACTION) programme. Beneficiaries have two lectures a day (English and computer) for five days a week (sunday through thursday).

MMT (Mobile Money Transfer): The project is based on the idea of avoiding long lines for beneficiaries to receive food baskets and also to give more options to purchase a variety of foods that meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

School Feeding Project: this project aims to help WFP provide a daily meal to approximately 47,000 elementary school students in 98 schools located in Shatt Al-Arab/Basra district, and 23,000 students in 70 schools in Al-Khudir/Muthana district. Each student receive bread, cheese, juice, water and fruit as a daily meal. In addition to food distribution, child protection is integrated throughout the program and Mercy Hands provide hygiene and nutrition awareness sessions through various participatory activities in the schools.