Private Sector Development

This project aims to create opportunities for youth, especially returnees and vulnerable youth, to access and compete in the labor market. Especially after the protests in Iraq, the youth unemployment rate has become one of the main concerns of NGOs, the government and the international community.

The first and foremost objective of the Youth Training Center is to enable a total number of 1100 beneficiaries, selected in Baghdad Governorate according to specific criteria (discussed in more detail below), to access the labor market and/or create their own small income generating activities. In terms of expected outcomes, based on MH’s experience and track record, beneficiaries will have access to such opportunities within 3 months of the course and access to additional supports (toolkits, internships of 3 months each, and small loans provided by Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid).

The main sub-goal of the Youth Training Center is also to provide youth in Baghdad Governorate with access to a safe learning space where they can develop skills for future employment and improve their competitiveness in the labor market. The highlights of the learning process will be educational, vocational and emerging market sessions to make them as competitive as possible in the labor market.