Our projects


Promoting food autonomy for refugee families in the Domiz camp with greenhouses

Addressing the lack of sustainable income, fresh produce, and gardens in Domiz 1 camp, Iraq, Mercy Hands created community gardens under greenhouses to empower refugee families to grow their own sustainable food sources. 12 refugee families were given vegetable seedlings and trained to plant them in the community garden. However, all camp residents benefit from the harvests. Thanks to this project, refugees gain skills and confidence in their abilities to achieve self-sufficiency!

Reviving the beekeeping activity in Al-Bab

Beekeeping constitutes a viable microeconomic enterprise and presents an opportunity for poverty alleviation, empowerment of the local population, and strengthening of climate resilience. 10 years of conflict have led to the collapse of the local economy in Syria, the displacement of people, as well as the decline in the number of bees in the region and opportunities for Syrian beekeepers. In collaboration the International Agricultural Cooperation Organization (IACO), we organise beekeeping training sessions to strengthen the capacities of experienced beekeepers who have lost their hives and are no longer able to make a living from this activity. We also distribute quality beekeeping equipment so that they can rehabilitate their damaged hives and establish new ones.